Grief: The Grieving Process

Everyone grieves in their own time and way, some more healthy than others, but all with the hope of the same outcome. I have experienced the loss of some extremely important people to me, and each loss I tend to grieve slightly different than the one before. I have had more then listed but these … Continue reading Grief: The Grieving Process

Accepting help: whether you think you need it or not

So as for accepting help, it is never easy, never. No matter if you know you need help or you are in complete denial, someone offering help can often feel judgmental or even condescending. This doesn't mean the persons intentions are in the wrong place, it is a hard thing, accepting the fact you can't … Continue reading Accepting help: whether you think you need it or not

“Blame it on my A.D.D”

Personally I went most of my life nonmedicated for my A.D.D And a thing I personally find my self doing a lot is explaining my forgetfulness, lack of attention, and inability to finish a project (for instance this is my fifth time attempting to finish this one blog🤷‍♀️).  Before I was diagnosed and when I'm … Continue reading “Blame it on my A.D.D”

Let’s talk coping skills

So as you most likely know, when going through a situation that causes anxiety, anger, sadness, stress, etc. You develop your own way to deal with these situations. Some are ways are healthy others not so healthy. It is definitely something that takes working on, especially if you have developed negative ways and need to … Continue reading Let’s talk coping skills

Being an EMT with Mental Illness: what it’s like

Being an EMT is difficult both mentally and physically add multiple diagnosis to the mix (Anorexia, Depression, Anxiety + Panic, PTSD, OCD, and ADD) and things can get even more difficult to handle, it is important to have coping skills in order to handle it. If I had not been on my medications for five … Continue reading Being an EMT with Mental Illness: what it’s like