Life with mental illness

I wanted to make this blog about mental health to try and help others with similar issues or at the least give people a safe place to speak openly about there struggles. Today there are so many stigmas tied to mental illness, I feel as though the more mental health is talked about the harder it will be to ignore.

I personally struggle with multiple mental illnesses – anorexia nervosa, depression, multiple anxiety disorders (ptsd, panic disorder, anxiety), OCD, and ADD.

Being an EMT can make some days difficult depending on what kind of calls I get. Also being 5’3 98lbs doesn’t make lifting people all day much easier. Most of the time i am able separate personal feeling from work, but unfortunately some calls hit closer to home then others.

Along with working full time I have my hands full with my daughter who is the biggest definition of a threenager. When she was two her dad left the picture (for the best, no addict has any need to be around my daughter even if biologically ur her “dad”). I did what I had to to keep my daughter safe not to be selfish.

Mental illness is something that isn’t easily understandable for those who have never experienced it. And extremely frustrating to those who are going through it feeling alone.

Well I hope you liked my first blog ❤️


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