If your kid has some, most, or all of these personality traits you most likely have a strong-willed little one:

  • Stubborn, has no problem saying “no”
  • They know what the like and they know what they do not like and these likes/dislikes are very strong
  • They are demanding and bossy
  • Extremely energetic
  • They push their boundaries
  • Always asking “why questions”
  • Not very good at listening, very impatient
  • Strong sense of what’s right or what’s wrong
  • Extremely short tempered

Now, I know I didn’t make this sound like a good time. But to tell you the truth I wouldn’t change anything about her. She possesses personality traits that I wish I had now, let alone when I was three. As I was on my way in to pick her up from preschool the other day one of her teachers stopped me to tell me, “you have one strong chick, if she doesn’t like how someone is treating her she has no problem telling them she doesn’t like it and making it known.” As a mother of course my first reaction was oh no I hope she isn’t the one starting problems, but her teacher assured me she was wonderful and didn’t start any problems with anyone. Once that was established I couldn’t have been more proud of my little girl, she actually has enough confidence to stand up for herself. This being something I have always wished I was capable of doing. I envy this of my daughter she is so strong and beautiful I wouldn’t change that she is so strong willed.

Tips to survive the power strugggle:

  1. Stay consistent- As difficult as this can be with life being so hectic, keeping them on a schedule or a routine can actually help lessen fights. If they know what to expect there is less room for arguments.
  2. Time-outs- No I’m not talking about the ones we put our kids in, I’m saying take a mommy or daddy time out. Step away from the situation when possible and clear ur mind to come back with ur patience charged back up.
  3. Tag-team- have someone you can call if you need to take a break, even the best parents need to take time outs some times. If you have someone who can take over for an hour do something for you so that you can come back refreshed and recharged.
  4. Pick your battles- Top priorities should be health and safety. If your kid wants to pick a ridiculous outfit out for school, let them. Their will be plenty more battles to save your energy for.
  5. Energy outlet- Give them an outlet for their energy, play outside with them, anything to get the extra energy out.

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