Why you could never be replaced

I might suck at showing how important you are to me, I’m definitely not easy to deal with and that’s for damn sure. But you, somehow, for some reason choose to love me. I will never understand why or how I got so lucky, but I know I need to do what ever it takes to never lose you. You aren’t just my boyfriend you’re my best friend, my biggest advocate, and you are raising my daughter with me. Through ALL my flaws you somehow still see something that keeps you from leaving, you have never given up on us and I could never find anyone that comes close to comparing to you. This is why:

  • We are in each others heads, literally read each others minds way to often.
  • Always tell me how beautiful I am no matter how many times I disagree.
  • You love my daughter as you’re own. (Not my, our)
  • You tell me how it is, instead of tip toeing around an issue you cut to the chase. Whether it’s between us or outside issues.
  • We have the same sense of humor and are constantly laughing.
  • You love me despite my flaws and past.
  • You make sure I know my worth, even at my lowest points.
  • Do your best to understand my mental health struggles
  • First boyfriend I ever lived with/ even wanted to live with.
  • Have fun doing anything (hiking, working, laying around)
  • Without you sky would be out of control and I’d be in the looney bin.
  • You deal with my rambles and little attention span
  • You deal with my moodiness and irritability
  • Let me/encourage me to be my goofy geek of a self and don’t judge me for it
  • Take care of me when I need you
  • Do absolutely anything for Sky and I

I may not show it all that well but you are so important to me. I love you Joey 💕

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