The Generation Devide: Tattoos

If you are a millennial or gen x, you or someone you know most likely has a tattoo, or multiple. Being born in these generations tattoos have grown much more popular and accepted than say 30-40years ago. Then it was seen as being “trashy”, “uneducated”, or even as being “rough around the edges”. Growing up with this stigma around it makes so people are stuck in their ways to change their outlook and accept them. They can’t even appreciate them as a way of expression through the creativity of the artwork.

10% of people 40+ have at least one tattoo 25-39 has a 36% of people with a tattoo or multiple. This clearly shows that people who have body art and don’t judge it is growing, this has a lot to do with the difference in how media started to shift their portrayal of tattoos from bad to good, they made tattoos cool vs trashy. But still the older generations hate them, this for a while causing not only problems between family’s but also at the work place.

Companies that once had strict policies on body art have become much more accepting, as long as it is appropriate. The reasons for tattoos in the newer generations is about self expression and companies have had to lighten up on their policies against them, and a lot of people in the higher up positions have tattoos themselves.

I have a couple tattoos all pretty small, but all extremely meaningful to me:

I got a dragonfly on my neck when I turned 18, my mom brought me to get it. The meaning behind it- at my grandmothers (moms side) funeral (I was 7 and still remember) there were millions of dragonflies and ever since I have always associated them with her.

I have a small heart on my wrist and later got a semi colon above it I got this when I was 19 to cover a scar, then the semi colon for suicide awareness

my right shoulder I have a sunflower that says my sunshine under – this is for my daughter Skylar because she really is my sunshine

My most recent being my late grandmothers signature on my last birthday card from her. Well it’s pretty obvious but this is for my grandmother (dads side) a very important person to me and a way to always remember her.

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