Leo: The Sign and Mother/Daughter Leo Dynamic

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: Lion

Element: Fire

Polarity: Positive

Quality: Fixed

Leo noteworthy qualities-

Loyal, generous, fearless, intuitive, kind, inspirational, tolerant, chivalrous, optimistic, and industrious.

Negative qualities-

Arrogant, dominating, fussy, angry, sensitive, impatient, and blunt.

Six secrets to Leo’s personality:

  1. They have huge hearts and are extremely generous. Willing to help anyone in need causes an opening for being taken advantage of.
  2. If you have done wrong by a Leo, watch out for the inner lion to be unleashed.
  3. Once they have their minds set to something they don’t stop until it is achieved.
  4. Loyal, if a leo has your trust you can be sure that you have theirs as well.
  5. Taking charge comes naturally and being a leader is where a Leo is most comfortable.
  6. Never sugar-coat anything. They tell you how it really is even if it isn’t what you want to hear.

Leo Mother/Daughter dynamic:

My daughter and I being both Leo’s makes for a very interesting dynamic in the home. We both show traits of our inner lion in our own ways and as long as I keep a balance our egos don’t get in the way of her thriving in life.

Leo child– although the little Leo shows there dominance the moment they are born, they show their generosity towards others very early in life. A Leo child likes when everything is in order and where it is supposed to go. The need to use creativity to express emotions is extremely important in their potential to succeed at life. They are usually hyperactive and competitive in any game or sport always being on top. Leo children have difficulty when it comes to concentrating and have a to really work at it.

Leo daughter– most likely a princess, constantly demands attention. She is confident in her looks and intelligence at a young age. They grow up early with the desire to provide themselves with life necessities. When she cries it’s typically due to emotions being hurt not a reaction to being treated unfairly. Although she is demanding she is no bully, she is well behaved and has good manners.

Leo Mother: ready and willing to help their child in anything and everything. Understand the importance of creativity in expressing ones self. They love with all their heart and that doesn’t go unseen by the child. Never afraid to stand up for their child in any circumstance.

Mother-daughter Leo’s: this can be a recipe for disaster in the household. Or it can help the little Leo flourish and succeed in anything. If the mother pushes to far the little Leo will eventually rebel against you with the need to control. Mother must nurture the Leo’s creativity and let them express themselves.

How to raise your Leo:

  • Don’t try and control your little Leo’s need to let out energy.
  • Self control is typically developed young in Leo’s, don’t take that sense of self from them.
  • Teach caution from persuasion not out of control is necessary for them to learn.
  • Giving praise is extremely important for the Leo to keep their confidence in tact.
  • Praise by telling how well they are trying not that they are the best to ever do it. Praise can be used to stimulate their desire to achieve goals

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