Day 4: Empty out purse list items

  • A wristlet I got for my highschool graduation from my meme
  • An AUX cord (because let’s be honest I need my music)
  • Phone charger because I never have a charged phone.
  • A mass amount of pens floating around.
  • A small notebook
  • Meds and an inhaler
  • Sunglasses I got from joeys sister Megan for Christmas (Maui Jim’s)

  • Some random mail I picked up from the old house.
  • My Brewster Herring bracelet
  • A ring from when I was a baby I meant to put in sky’s stuff for when she is older a long time ago.
  • Some juice for my vape (my favorite kind, Unicorn)
  • two batteries for my vape.
  • Some trash that got stuffed in the bottom

Luckily I change bags out often which definitely decreases the amount of random unnecessary object. Having a three year old the random shit tends to accumulate quickly.

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