Day 3: my day in bullet points

  • Woke up to a bed full this morning. Mommy, daddy, sky and Lou Lou joined
  • Then we at breakfast in bed. A nice nutritious meal of pop tarts and cereal 🤷‍♀️
  • I finally got motivated and took a shower and got dressed
  • Sky took a nap. Me and Joey relaxed while watching tv.
  • Time to get sky dressed so we can get outta the house!
  • Of course now it was time to get ready myself to go bowling with the cousins (sky, cj, tori and Grady)
  • Then we went and met up with joeys sisters and their kids for frozen yogurt!
  • Then we went bowling and the kids all played!
  • After bowling we came home and I cleaned Both bedrooms and started some laundry.
  • While cleaning I gave sky a bath and then joey got her ready for bed so I could finish cleaning
  • Bedtime for Sky
  • Saw my cousin for a little for the first time in a while.
  • Time for bed!

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