March Blog Challenge- 30 Days:
Day 1: 5 favorite quotes and why they are your favorite.
Day 2: Put your music on shuffle, list first 15 songs to play in a row.
Day 3: Bullett points of entire day.
Day 4: Empty purse out, list everything thats in it.
Day 5: special talent, could be from when younger.
Day 6: Something you have always wanted to be good at.
Day 7: Show your handwritting.
Day 8: what you wore today, then all of your outfits.
Day 9: 5 things you like about yourself and 5 you dislike.
Day 10: Something you have always wanted to be goood at.
Day 11: Something you miss, someone, and somewhere.
Day 12: 15 things people who arent close dont know about you.
Day 13: One lesson i would like my kids to learn from me.
Day 14: write a letter to someone.
Day 15: a lesson you learned the hard way.
Day 16: 3 of your most vivid childhood memories.
Day 17: 3 things your are afraid of and why.
Day 18: What is your zodiac sign? do you fit the description?
Day 19: A picture of yourself from 5 years ago vs a picture of you now, what has changed?
Day 20: In what ways have you changed in the last 2 years?
Day 21: Favorite memory.
Day 22: Earliest memory.
Day 23: Your feelings towards drugs and alcohol.
Day 24: 3 biggest pet-peevess.
Day 25: Something you have always wondered “what if” about
Day 26: 10 things that make you the happiest.
Day 27: 10 things you want to acheive in the next month.
Day 28: A guilty pleasure.
Day 29: Your view on religion.
Day 30: 5 things that give your life meaning.

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