Accepting help: whether you think you need it or not

So as for accepting help, it is never easy, never. No matter if you know you need help or you are in complete denial, someone offering help can often feel judgmental or even condescending. This doesn’t mean the persons intentions are in the wrong place, it is a hard thing, accepting the fact you can’t get yourself to the mentally healthy place on your own.

  • First step in accepting help is admitting you need it.
  • Second listen to what help is being offered don’t get defensive, they are usually coming from a caring standpoint more so then judgmental.
  • Seek a medical professionals opinion
  • get the help you need.

For me accepting help of any form has always been really difficult, I always want to be completely able to do anything that comes my way on my own. But this isn’t always possible. Especially when it comes to mental illness.

The first time I was faced with accepting someone’s help I didn’t necessarily ask for was in 2012. I was very very sickly small and my mom finally confronted me about my weight. I was in complete denial of my problem, I knew I was small but I didn’t see it as a health issue. But she was very very persistent, so I abided and let her bring me to the doctors. This was the first day of the rest of my life, I was informed that my weight was extremely dangerous and depending on my lab work I would be inpatient or residential that week. 12/12/12 I was admitted to McLeans for 3 months and if it wasn’t for my mom I would not be as healthy or as happy as I am today. I possibly wouldn’t be alive, luckily I took her advice and help and went to the doctor.

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