All these medical tests

So for the last couple days I haven’t been very active due to medical appointments and testing.

Yesterday I had a cardiology appt and found out that I have a murmur caused by mitral valve prolapse. A condition that typically isn’t much to worry about, typically seen my in females that are thin with anxiety. which I def fit that bill. It is nice to have an explanation for why I get chest pain and palpitations, definitely a huge help knowing it isn’t life threatening. Although this is hopefully the case I have to get an echo done tomorrow. To make sure that the murmur is as small as the doctor assumes and expects it to be.

Currently I am at the hospital waiting for my EEG, this test is to hopefully get me neurologically cleared to go back to work, even though I know that this test is all just to prove nothing is wrong, I can’t help but be nervous.

It’s been a long week so far and could use many positive vibes.

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