“Blame it on my A.D.D”

Personally I went most of my life nonmedicated for my A.D.D And a thing I personally find my self doing a lot is explaining my forgetfulness, lack of attention, and inability to finish a project (for instance this is my fifth time attempting to finish this one blog🤷‍♀️).  Before I was diagnosed and when I’m not medicated I struggle personally with:

  • The ability to start one project and finish it before starting a second and then a third with all unfinished.
  • Seem to be uninterested or not Paying attention
  • My mind constantly jumps topic to topic.
  • I forget literally any small details about a situation.
  • Im always losing everything my most common thing I say is “I’d lose my head if it weren’t attached.” Literally everything my phone my keys my vape everything always.
  • Keeping a conversation and finishing it without jumping topics or interrupting anyone.
  • Extremely restless and fidget constantly.
  • Talk an excessively annoying amount

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