Dads perspective on parenting: Q&A with my Bf

Okay so my boyfriend isn’t Sky’s biological father, but in more ways then not he is 100% her dad. He does everything for us and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. I wrote down fifteen questions and wrote word for word his answers


Q) Do you enjoy being a parent?

A)”I love being a parent it’s the best!


Q)Best part of parenting?

A)”Uhm…I’d have to say watching her learn and grow, I love watching her have fun ..I don’t know everything.”


Q: what is the most difficult part of parenting?

A: “well when we.. no, no when I have to discipline her.”


Q: Is she a mommy’s girl or daddy’s girl?

A: “daddy’s girl 100%, she will tell you that too!”


Q: explain parenting in three words

A: “happiness, accomplishing, and frustrating.”


Q: Explain Sky in three words

A: “vivacious, intelligent, and enthusiastic.”


Q: how did it honestly feel when she decided to call you daddy and make a point to tell everyone?

A: “completely unexpected, it melted my heart. I always wanted to be a good role model, a positive influence, yuh know? And when she made it a point to make sure everyone knew I wasn’t joey I was daddy my life changed for the better.”


Q: favorite memory with her?

A: “potty training her, I was so proud of her. She wanted to get it so bad. Watching her determination and patience it was amazing. A real bonding moment for me and her.


Q: is it difficult to be stern? Who is the more lenient parent?

A: “is that really a question?! Your more lenient, you’re definitely more lenient. And its extremely hard to be firm, she’s so damn cute, but you have to set your boundaries. She’s surprisingly easy to reason with so that helps.”


Q: your three favorite things to do with sky?

A: “I love doing and watching her do puzzles, playing catch with her she’s got an arm for a three year old. And getting her to push her boundaries, step out of her comfort zone. The look on her face when she accomplishes a new thing. It’s just amazing.”


Q: 3 things that Skylar does that are your least favorite?

A: “when she isn’t listening to mumma, when she absent mindedly does stupid things. Like today when she tried spilling her drink just because. And when she is whining!”


Q: what’s her most common reason for being in timeout?

A: “idk? What does she get put in timeout for? Are you writing this down? Stop don’t write this! I don’t know when she does bad things?” (Bahahahahaahahah)


Q: what is the funniest thing she has said or done?

A: “omg she says so much, of course ypu put me on the spot and I can’t think of an example… actually one of my favorite is when she ran around the birthday party yelling it’s ‘Arnold get down’ also her little personality and mannerisms, she’s always joking she’s a little comedian”


Q: do you ever wish you could call in sick but that’s not possible when a dad.

A: “only when she was really sick for so long and we were exhausted. Other then that no not really? I definitely want to call in late some days.


Q: is it worth it?

A: “nothing else I would rather do, I love that little girl. You stole one half of my heart and she stole the other. “

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