Let’s talk coping skills

So as you most likely know, when going through a situation that causes anxiety, anger, sadness, stress, etc. You develop your own way to deal with these situations. Some are ways are healthy others not so healthy. It is definitely something that takes working on, especially if you have developed negative ways and need to change them. People often use Distraction, Grounding, thought challenge, emotion

6 coping skills:

1.) Distraction

Talk to someone, listen to music, solve a problem, learn something new.

Pros: gives your mind a beak, effective for short term fix, good for crisis.

Cons: not a long term fix, doesn’t resolve any issue, eventually will have to face the issue head on.


focus all energy on your body senses what you hear when you focus on your surroundings, what do you taste when you focus on what you taste when eat something, look at the beautiful colors of this world, feel the soft grass under your feet when you take your shoes and socks off. Smell the candle you lit to calm and relax you.

Pros: this can help slow or even stop dissociation, reduces the feeling of physical symptoms of anxiety.

Cons: dissociation is the mind and body’s safety mechanism when in a difficult situation and it may be more beneficial too be dissociated.

3.)Thought challenge

List all the negative thoughts you have about yourself and when done go and list why all of those statements may not be true.

Pro: has the potential to change your negative thinking pattern, using logic can help you better understand your emotions which will help you reduce or avoid extreme emotion.

Con: the more emotional the more difficult this is to achieve, if the emotion is too extreme this may not be all that easy to change your thinking.

4.)Emotional release

Yell, scream, cry, exercise, cold shower, don’t hold it back allow yourself to cry.

Pro: releases the internal pressure of overwhelming emotion, helps with anger and fear as a way to release some of that tension that’s built up.

Cons: feels extremely unnatural, some may judge you for acting “crazy”


Paint your nails, clean your house, do your hair and make up, take a bath or shower.

Pro: you deserve to take the time and treat yourself with something nice. Become your own biggest supporter. It is helpful with guilt or shame.

Cons: it can be harder said than done, very unnatural.

6.)Access your higher self

Help someone else, smile at a stranger, volunteer, do random acts of kindness “pay it forward”

Pro: shows us that our purpose can be found from within by both small and large encounters

Con: it is easy to forget about your self and get stuck trying to help everyone. Don’t forget about your importance.

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