Just To Clarify

I’m just going to get straight to the point, this is a personal blog based on the struggles with mental health issues. Yes it is a touchy subject, yes this is a blog and it is one sided, and the only only emotions explained are my own. With that being said in no way did I intend on making anyone uncomfortable or embarrassed with my posts.

I get it, everyone puts only their proudest moments in an attempt to portray this false sense of perfect. In reality no one life is ever as perfect as it seems regardless how well off you were, mental illnesses cause reactions to normal events more emotional than it is for others.

mental illness due to the fear of ridicule and sense of being “weak”. I started this to help myself with emotional stressors and get it all out there. But also with the hope help others be more comfortable talking about their experiences, even just to know they aren’t alone. Looking back I would never change a single thing about my life, my parents worked hard to give us what they could and I am eternally grateful. I’m sorry if my illness get in the way of the emotional impact on me personal.

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