What do I do

So I’m stuck. I’m at a crossroads between not disappointing or embarrassing my family or to keep and continue my blog. This is a hard choice for me, it helps me vent my feelings, I have gotten so many messages and emails from people who really related to my blog and how reading it has been helpful to them.

Do I please my family or do I share some of my struggles in hopes to help more people with mental illness and help others understand it better.

I hate how torn I am. I wish I could just please them and continue to write.

4 thoughts on “What do I do

  1. Keep writing love. You do what helps you and everyone should support you. They will move past anything you say and if they don’t. It’s because they know they failed you instead. Mental illness is just that an illness. It deserves treatment and support just as any other illness. Keep writing, you may help someone else as well.

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  2. you should confront them about issues in person instead of bashing them behind their back and then publishing it for the world to see. seriously, how are you not seeing wtf is wrong with this? and no, no one should ever blindly support someone just because they did something. vent all you want but if youre trashing someone behind their back youre naive to think that there wont be any backlash from it.

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    1. I’m not sure why you feel so angry towards me. I didn’t intentionally bash anyone I was stating a side of a story. My side my emotions. Nothing else. And I’m neive and blindly support someone? Who is blindly supporting who


      1. the blind support comment was mainly directed at the comment above me saying to keep writing regardless of what you write. and theres no anger here, just saying that if youre writing about your family in a public forum where everyone can comment i can certainly see why theyd be pissed off about you airing out your grievances instead of confronting them in person


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