Who I want to be in Five years: My hopes for my future

In, let’s say, five years Hope to be financially stable, working as a paramedic still helping others, emotionally stable, genuinely happy and to feel whole and most importantly a good role model for Sky. I want to eventually be able to have a house that is mine, my bf, and daughter. Maybe someday another kid, eventually.

For me to feel accomplished in my line off work I want to eventually become a paramedic and further help people in an emergency setting. I hope in five years I can achieve that or at least be in school to accomplish that.

Emotionally, I aspire to be happy with my life and for once emotionally stable, I want to feel whole and be able to handle my emotions in healthier ways. I hope that I will love myself by the time I’m 30.

Most importantly I want to be the best mother I can be for my daughter, I want to be a good role model, emotionally available, her biggest fan, but also stern when necessary. She deserves the best so she can continue to grow into the amazingly smart, happy, sassy, beautiful girl she already is

ps I better be married by this point (just saying 😘 ) and hopefully a lil “war4” 😉

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