The First Day of Our New Adventure

Today my bf and I moved everything we own (including sky’s belongings). We had been living at my mothers and paying her rent for over a year (joey and us). I moved in with my mom when I got pregnant four years ago and have been trying to make it work. It was a nice set up a lot of room for Skylar’s toys, on a nice cul de sac, and we were paying my mom a good amount a month. she originally told me she was going to move out and rent it to us, but things change. Our relationship had become so toxic we couldn’t ignore it anymore she told me three days ago that “I need you to move out ASAP, I talked to your dad he said you can move back). Although it was nice to ask my dad, it is extremely inconvenient location wise:

  1. It is almost two hours from work and skylars daycare.
  2. With my health issues at the moment I have a lot of appointments coming up, and they are all around where I currently am.
  3. I am unable to drive for anywhere from 30days to 6 months.
  4. I have a daycare voucher to this specific daycare.

If it wasn’t for the distance it would for sure have been considered as an option. Luckily my bf has the most amazing family who all offered to help us get on our feet. We are moving in with his parents for a short time and since we will not be paying rent will be saving for an apartment. Obviously it would be much easier if I wasn’t out of work, but that’s not how life works for me at least. A thing I say a lot is “I live Murphy’s law, anything that can go wrong will”

My emotions are extremely scattered, I’m a bit of everything.

  • I’m a bit anxious, any type of change makes me anxious.
  • I’m excited to see our potential in getting our own place
  • I’m scared i hate any kind of change
  • I’m hoping this helps my relationships with my mom

All in all I am more excited then anything for this new adventure that I get to experience with my amazing daughter and bf.

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