My day

So typically my days are extremely scheduled and busy, but due to some personal health issues I am currently on a medical leave from work. This making my days a bit different then usual and for me change creates anxiety.

While I am restricted from driving and in the process of moving my days are hectic but in an unpredictable and overwhelming kind of way.

  1. Today Sky woke up around 7am and we began our day.
  2. Since we are in the process of moving in the next couple of days she wanted to play with everything packed (of course.)
  3. Around 8am I Got Skylar and myself ready for the day, as usual sky faught with me about what she wants to wear. [Her end decision was blue sweat pants, a Red Sox T-shirt, and her lady bug rain boots] I didn’t feel like fighting and she enjoys choosing so I let her wear it.
  4. We left the house around 840am for daycare and I dropped her off to play with her friends.
  5. 9am and I need to shower, this being a process having an event monitor for 30 days.
  6. 4pm Sky is picked up from daycare and we head home to pack the rest of our stuff to move tomorrow.

we still have to eat dinner, have bath time and get sky to sleep before I can even think about resting. Trying incredibly hard to stay sane and not stress but it’s getting difficult. Positive vibes always appreciated❤️

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