5 ways to know you’re raising a threenager

Living with a threenager is extremely exhausting and satisfying all wrapped in one. As much as they drive you crazy they r too cute to be mad at. I asked my threenager a couple of questions and this is word for word her answers:

Me: what’s your favorite thing to do?

Sky: paint, I like to pain, can I paint? Please can I paint now?

Me: whose your best friend?

Sky: Talia! We shake out booties 🤦‍♀️

Me: do you like being three?

Sky: mmmmmmhm!

Me: do you love me?

Sky: ya and I don’t fight

Me: do you love daddy?

Sky: yes and we shake out booties

Five ways of knowing you are raising a threenager:

  1. Constantly saying things like “leave me alone mumma! I’m trying!” As she slams the door to the bathroom.
  2. She must pick her outfits or else all hell breaks lose.
  3. Constantly running away from you wether it’s to get dressed, picked up from daycare. Anything.

They have to do EVERYTHING on their own. Which makes you late to everything.

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