There is such a negative stigma attached to mental illness. This is caused by the majority of people not knowing enough actual facts about mental illness. Many people believe the misconceptions they hear and don’t do the research, the vast majority of people are falsely judging a disorder they know nothing about. Many people suffering from a mental illness are to embarrassed to seek help and get the proper treatment.

To not have your suffering recognized is an unbearable form of violence. -Andrei Lankov

Some Ways to Help End The Stigma:

  • One way is to talk about it, The more it’s made the topic of discussion. It is far more difficult to ignore.
  • Educate yourself and others in hopes to end all the misconceptions society believes.
  • Be aware of what you say and how you say it. Self harm jokes aren’t funny, talking to a person with mental illness as if they are less of a person is absolutely rude and mental illness jokes in general are not funny.
  • Show some compassion. Everyone is so quick to judge without giving people a chance to show they are more than there illness.

Some points I wish people knew about my mental illnesses:

  • I didn’t chose this. I probably hate my social anxiety and lack of concentration ten times worse then you. I don’t want to be sad but sometimes I can’t help it and sometimes not even know why.
  • It isn’t for attention. The only attention mental illness gets is negative and if you knew anything about mental illnesses you would know this.
  • Not everyday is bad, but some days are really bad, be patient with me and show me you aren’t going anywhere.
  • When I’m in a panic attack, you can’t always tell, I’ve gotten good at hiding emotion. If I seem as though out of reach Or spacing out, not paying enough attention, there may be more to it then what it seems and could be due to disassociation and not lack of affection.

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