If your kid has some, most, or all of these personality traits you most likely have a strong-willed little one: Stubborn, has no problem saying "no" They know what the like and they know what they do not like and these likes/dislikes are very strong They are demanding and bossy Extremely energetic They push their … Continue reading STRONG-WILLED TODDLER: PROCEED WITH CAUTION

12.12.12 (part 1)

"Okay Jordie, it's really time to get out now..." my dad calmly explained to me for the fifth time, and he was right. As I climbed out from the passenger side of my dads truck the bitter cold air whipped me in the face, almost like karma was trying to slap me for all the … Continue reading 12.12.12 (part 1)

Interpersonal Effectiveness: what is it

Interpersonal Effectiveness in DBT refers to skills that help to: Attend to relationships. Balance priorities versus demands. Balance the 'wants' and 'shoulds' Build a sense of mastery and self-respect. Situations: Attending to Relationships - Don't let problems build, if something is bothering you bring it up. End toxic relationships/friendships Resolve issues before they are blown … Continue reading Interpersonal Effectiveness: what is it

Psychiatric Medications: let’s get the facts straight

Personally, I take a couple psychiatric meds and based on comments made to me I can honestly say, most people really don't know anything about them. Some misconceptions I hear a lot are: "Aren't you on antidepressants, shouldn't you be happy?" - No they aren't magic happy pills and I can still get sad when … Continue reading Psychiatric Medications: let’s get the facts straight

The Generation Devide: Tattoos

If you are a millennial or gen x, you or someone you know most likely has a tattoo, or multiple. Being born in these generations tattoos have grown much more popular and accepted than say 30-40years ago. Then it was seen as being "trashy", "uneducated", or even as being "rough around the edges". Growing up … Continue reading The Generation Devide: Tattoos